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This monthly mentorship is two nights a week 7-8:30 PM EST and is designed to teach you:

  • How to start your own six-figure credit repair business
  • 200 DIY credit repair letters
  • How to analyze a credit report for repair
  • How to start your own personal and business credit funding program
  • How to start your own tradeline business
  • How to get luxury cars for little money, and how to maintain them for free
  • Wholesaling 101
  • How to start your real estate investment career
  • How to pay off your credit card debt without getting a new job
  • How to legally save on paying taxes
  • How to market any business that you are in
  • How to Fund your businesses
  • Investment opportunities that can give you 4- 5 figures returns


Bella Sloan Monthly Mentorship | June 2021

    • Register for the month 
    • Check your email as we get closer to the date for the zoom link.
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