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Monthly Mentorship Program Created For Entrepreneurs Who Want To Start A Six-Figure Credit Repair Business

Hi, I'm

Herman Dolce

Six-figure Business Mogul with

7+ Years of Professional Credit Repair Experience.

As the CEO of Bella Sloan Enterprises and Academy, my goal and passion are to educate all people on credit literacy and ensuring the playing field is even for us all to reach our financial goals. Enroll today for our Monthly Mentorship Program and let's scale your credit repair business to six-figure financial freedom and wealth!

You Will Learn How To

What You Will Learn


  • How to start your own six-figure credit repair business

  • 200 DIY credit repair letters

  • How to analyze a credit report for repair

  • How to start your own personal and business credit funding program to get 10% commissions!

  • How to start your own  5 figure tradeline business

  • How to get luxury cars for little money, and how to maintain them for free.


  • Wholesaling 101

  • How to start your real estate investment career

  • How to pay off your credit card debt without getting a new job

  • How to legally save on paying taxes.

  • How to market any business that you are in

  • How to Fund your businesses

  • How to invest in trucking and get 4- 5 figures returns monthly


  • How to get multiples credit lines, with minimal inquires

  • 24 hour Experian inquiry removal method

  •  How to remove hard inquiries over the phone

  • Contracts need to start your business

  • How to manufacture spend 50K+ on your credit cards

  • How to travel for free

  • Software Systems to Scale your business


Enrolling New Students Every Month

Two Nights A Week 7-9 PM EST

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Bella Sloan Academy

610 Old York Road, Suite #400

Jenkintown, PA19046

Tel: 609-832-3552    |

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